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Chapter 7 What Am I To You?

  • Aria pov
  • A soft knock came to the door."come in" I shouted.
  • "There you go." Beta Brian said as he drop off a few clothes and an underwear for me.
  • "Thank you." I said as I smiled at him and took the little bag of clothes, I'm sure he must have felt weird while taking all this things from the pack house but he still did it and I was grateful. Looking inside the bag, I frown as I look at the clothes that was inside. I just needed a pair of clothes to stay in Brian house for today, then maybe later in the evening I would go back to the pack house. Still haven't fully decided on what I wanted yet. I really didn't want to see my ex and his mate together again.
  • "Is something wrong?" Brian asked.
  • I pulled out the shirt from inside the bag as I frown at it. The shirt was for Bryant, one of his few clothes that I stoled from him. I was sure I threw away all his clothes that was with me, so what the heck was this doing here? And together with that short. Only Bryant knew that I like wearing this two pieces of clothing together.
  • "Why did you bring this shirt." I mildly shouted at Brian even though it wasn't his fault, I'm sure that he didn't know. He didn't deserve this sort of attitude from me right now. "I'm sorry, forget it, I'm just overreacting."
  • "Actually... When I went to the pack house, I saw alpha Bryant, I may have told him what I wanted, he went into the room and pick out the things for me."
  • I angrily threw the bag down to the floor. If I had fuel with me I could set all the clothes on fire because he touches it. He no longer had any right in my life to give me dressing advice or touch any of my things.
  • "Okay, I will take it as a bad idea. I shouldn't have done that. I thought that maybe he knew more about the sort of clothes you like to wear." Brian pick up the bag from the floor.
  • "Don't bother with those clothes anymore. Just give me some of your clothes."
  • After changing in the bathroom into Brian clean clothes and a boxer he hasn't wear yet, because there was no way in hell I was going to put on his already use boxer because of my anger for Bryant. I came back into the room to see Brian still waiting for me, there was something usual in his gaze as he looks at me wearing his clothes.
  • I cleared my throat to get his attention.
  • "Ohhh yeah, sorry." He said, "back to what I was saying, alpha Bryant said that you should come back to the pack house."
  • "I planned on going back. I'm not going to hide here and be a coward like him who can't face his fear." I regretted my words the moment it came out. I just confessed to Brian that i was afraid of facing Jenny together with alpha Bryant.
  • "Don't worry she isn't there anymore." Brian said, he was watching the expression on my face, I tried acting like his word didn't put me at ease.
  • "You know you can stay with me if you want, I live alone ever since the day my younger brother found his mate."
  • As much as I appreciated Brian suggestions. I could never stayed with him. It wasn't going to be good for the both of us and he knew that. There was going to be fake rumours going around and beta Brian still haven't found his mate. When he found his mate, his mate might end up getting the wrong idea because of me, he didn't deserve that. He too good of a man to ever be treated like a cheater, he was different from alpha Bryant, and that was one of the good things about him.
  • "Brian, It's okay, don't worry about it. I will be alright." I walk to him, collected the little bag of clothes he was using in form of a pillow. I will return the bag back to the pack house myself, but I was still going to burn Bryant shirt.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------
  • Beta Brian escorted me back to the pack house later that evening even though I told him not to. After saying goodbye to him I got into the house. Alpha Bryant had been waiting for me, I'm sure that he saw me and Brian together at the front porch of the house but I didn't care.
  • Without saying a single word to him I climbed up the staircase with the little bag of clothes with me.
  • "Let me help you with that." Alpha Bryant came into view in front of me at the staircase, if I was to push him down this stairs, the whole pack was going to be after me, so that wasn't a good idea.
  • "No thanks, it's not heavy." He nodded, still following me as I walked up to the place that was now my room.
  • "Your clothes..." He said.
  • "What about it?" I asked harshly, I was done being sweet to this guy. He didn't care about me.
  • "Nothing, just that those are for Brian."
  • "So?"
  • "Nothing." Just when I was about to slammed the door on his face cause he was still standing there refusing to leave. It was over between us, everything was over, he didn't owned me anything and I got it.
  • His hands shot out and hold the door really fast. "Aria." He sounded tired. His emotions were as confusing as his words. He looks like he was angry, fustrated, sad, and didn't know what to do about us as much as I also didn't know what to do about us either. "She said that she wanted to see the pack house. I have told her no for so long because then we were still together, but now we aren't, I didn't had any reasons at all to say no to her."
  • The sadness in his eyes was melting my heart. I work so hard in Brian bathroom, trying to hypnotizing myself with lies that I hated Bryant. For sure I hated his mate but it was just so difficult to let this man go. If only he could really listen to himself right now. Were we ever really together?
  • "What am I to you Bryant?"