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Chapter 6 Unreal Reality

  • Aria pov
  • I laughed hard at beta Brian lamed jokes. we were both outside together again, it wasn't like we planned it. It just happened. Although I felt like he was the one using a lot of free time in his schedule to make sure that i was alright. Like he could see that I wanted nothing more than to be away from people but he's not letting that happened because the truth was that I needed someone by my side right now. Someone who was ready to listen and tell me that I was right even though I was wrong. Not like Brian was doing a great job at it, he was too honest for his own good. But still, small things like this made me happy. I still had a friend who was still standing by me even though I clawed his face.
  • "With the way you are smiling and no longer glaring at me these days, is it safe for me to say that I have been forgiven?" Brian asked, he was cautious with his words. Like what he did was such a big deal and I had planned to hate him for the rest of my life.
  • I nod my head as we both walked out of the forest into the pack. I don't know what was up with me today but I felt more happier than I did because yesterday. Not like I was even happy yesterday. of Brian lamed jokes or it was the refreshing run we both had. The air, the tress, nature itself made me felt so free during that run. I was exhausted. Me and Brian was going back to the pack house so that we could take a shower. Separately of course, my relationship with Brian had never been a romantic one. He was like a brother to me, we were the same age but I was older than him with two months. I would have say he was like a younger brother to me but between the both of us, he was taller. And to add it off, he was also more mature. Few times I feel like the reason he was so mature was because he the beta of Dreamstake pack.
  • "The way you are smiling is cute. It almost feels like I'm getting my little pudding back."
  • Oh I hated that name but it felt comforting to hear it again, it brought back fun memories. "Thank you." Abruptly, i stop walking, and gaze at him. I really meant my words, I really appreciated Brian being here by my side even though I did everything to push him away at first. "I'm really grateful."
  • He place one of his arms on my shoulder "I think you need to get some rest, you are being extra nice to me today. It's so suspicious." He chuckled. I tried to frown at him because I was seriously being emotional here, but Brian was making it hard with the way he was making up a funny expression on his face, while wiggling his eyebrows at me. At the end my frown broke into a smile and then a small laugh I was trying to hold back but couldn' t.
  • After that we both walk quietly to the pack house with his arm still around my shoulder. It was a peaceful stroll back.
  • "Ma Aria, beta Brian" one of alpha Bryant maid greated me and beta Brian with a little bow. Her eyes was more on beta Brian than on me, made me wonder if she was crushing on him. Wouldn't be surprised if she was. He was a good guy, whoever his mate was going to be I didn't know, but I really hope that she deserves him. When the maid eyes went to me there was sadness and pity in her gaze. Her eyes went to the door she just came out from. For a moment she struggles to speak, opening her mouth and closing it.
  • "Is something wrong Violet?" Brian asked. He noticed the same thing I did. Violet look weirdly trouble. I was surprised Brian knows her name, if only I didn't spend most of my time in the pack all over Bryant, I 'm sure that I would have known the name of a lot pack members, mostly those that work in the pack house.
  • "It is nothing." Violet practically ran away in the form of walking while looking at the door as if a beast was after her.
  • "What was that all about?" I asked Brian, my eyes was still on the maid.
  • "I don't know, Violet isn't usually like this. Anyway let's just go in."
  • Me and Brian walk side by side, we reached the door. "Aren't you afraid that a monster is going to jump at you immediately you open the door." I joke.
  • "That is why I'm grateful I have you here to protect me."
  • I playfully scoffed at his words. "As if."
  • Brian walk in before me, he stop in his track looking straight ahead, while making me wonder what was wrong. "Are you okay?" I asked as I look at him. In curiosity I turned my face towards the direction he was looking at . Then I saw it, alpha Bryant and his beloved mate Jenny. It looks like they were both having fun together in the kitchen cooking. I wish I wasn't here to see this, but as much as it hurts I couldn't take my eyes off them. I have never seen Bryant that happy before, not even when he was with me. He was laughing so freely.
  • "Ahhhhh." Jenny shouted pretending like she burnt her hand.
  • "Are you okay." Bryant asked sweetly with worried in his voice. But Jenny laugh and showed him that it was all a joke.
  • Their love was making me sick.
  • "Let's go to my place." Brian suggested.
  • His voice got Bryant attention just when he and Jenny was about to kiss. I saw the guilt in his eyes as he tried to compose himself after seeing me and Brian.
  • I felt so angry. I couldn't believe he brought her to the house even though he knows I live here. Was he expecting me to be okay with all this? See both of them together, was this how he wanted us to be friends again, by hurting me and not caring about my feelings.
  • "Let's go." I said to Brian. I should have known better. Bryant didn't repect the relationship we shared or the friendship he claimed we had. He never cared about me. If he did, he wouldn't have done this .