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Chapter 5 No Longer Mine

  • Aria pov
  • "How long have you been here?"
  • "An hour and some few minutes."
  • I ignored him and went back to sleep. But with Bryant here, it was hard to sleep, even faking it was hard. He needed to stop doing things like this. Actions like this send me mix signals about his feelings for me.
  • Ever since the day I caught him and his mate I have successfully drove him away from his room that use to be our room, he now sleep in the room next door. We hardly see each other, whenever I got up in the morning I was eager to leave the house, because I didn't want to see him.
  • "Aria why have you been ignoring me." He breath out, heavy breath. Calling himself stupid under his breath. He was right about that, he really was stupid. "I meant to say, please stop ignoring me, I missed talking to you. I really don't like it when we fight."
  • "Do you call her love too?"
  • "Aria I'm not here to talk about my mate. I'm here to talk about us. I don't want us to drift away from each other because of this. I missed you Aria, please let's stopped fighting."
  • I wanted things to be normal between us too. It was the only reason I was still in the pack even after finding out the truth about Bryant. But there was a difference between both of our normal, his normal involved us just being like friends, like we never went out on dates or had any night together. How can I be around him and forget that he was my first for everything. The same way I was his, how could he forgets and suggest normal with me.
  • "Bryant." I called his name without looking at him, my back face him, my eyes was on the other side of the bed. His bed still scented so much like him. Most times I still pretended that he was laying down next to me on the bed. "I don't think things can ever be normal for us ever again. There is no longer just alpha Bryant now, it is alpha Bryant and his new found mate."
  • "That's not true. I'm still me, the Bryant you know." He tried holding the palms of my hands but I pull it away from him.
  • "Have you gone around your own pack? Do you have any idea about what people are know saying about me because you found your mate."
  • "What are you talking about? The only ones that know about Jenny are Kaiser, beta Brian, and I. I didn't tell anyone else."
  • From Bryant voice, he was being honest who would have told some of the pack members the truth about Bryant mate?
  • "If you think I'm lying you can go and ask beta Brian. He was with me when three of your pack members spoke about your true mate."
  • "I never said that you were lying. I believe you, I know you so well I can tell when you are lying remember?"
  • His words brought a little smile to my face, even though I didn't want to smile or laugh at anything he says.
  • I turned towards him, he tried again to hold my hands and I let him. Our hands together was perfect, if only he love me instead of her.
  • "Let's be friends again." He smiled softly at me.
  • It impossible, why can't he see that, there was no way I could ever be friends with him. It been years since we quit being just friends. Years we decided to be more than that. I was happy then. There was no way I could ever be satisfied with being just friends with him. If he would no longer ask me for more, I would always want more from him.
  • "We can't be best friends anymore."
  • "Why?" His voice was sad about my decision. "I know it would be difficult for you, but I believe that we could still make it work."
  • "We can't Bryant, everything between us is over. It would be best if I move back to my pack but I'm still gathering myself for that. Don't worry I will tell you good bye before I leave."
  • "Don't say this, if you leave without us settling, your Dad and your brother are never going to allow me to ever visit you again."
  • I pulled my hands away from him and wrapped it around his neck, bringing my face close to his, as I eyes his lips. I could feel his breath against my skin as I brought my lips closer to his.
  • Bryant pulled himself away from me when my lips slightly brush against his.
  • I was hurt by his actions, he knew that. I could tell from the way he gave me those sorry looks in his eyes. Before he could open his mouth inorder to try and comfort me with one of his lies, I spoke before him. "This is the reason we can't be friends. Because no matter what I will always try to kiss you, if you were sleeping, or even if you were in front of your mate. And I'm sure that you don't want to hurt her. So it is best you stay away." With that I lay down back to the bed, turning my face away from him. He should really stop. I was trying so hard not to cry right now.
  • I wouldn't let myself be the same way I was that night, crying in front of him, making him feel like he needed to comfort me.
  • "Is there really no way for us? I really don't want to hurt you. If you I give you what you want, you would get hurt because of Jenny, I still can't reject her."
  • Bryant was still not man enough to tell me the truth. The only reason he can't kiss me anymore was because there was no longer any reason to keep anything a secret. He didn't want to hurt me? I feel like laughing. More like he didn't want to hurt his precious mate. Have he mark her already? Or he going to wait until after the ceremony before he mark her.
  • "Do whatever you want Bryant." I am starting to get tired of all this.
  • "Even if you don't want to believe that us remaining friends can work, I still believe."
  • After that I heard the door to the room being shut close. He was gone. For the first time in a while I had him in my hands again, the only difference was that he was no longer mine.