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Chapter 4 The Better Luna

  • Aria POV
  • My wolf growl loudly at Brian wolf. My wolf was bigger and stronger than his even though he was the beta of Dreamstake pack. He was strong but I was stronger and faster than him. Unlike him I got my combat training from the best teacher alive , my brother. He force me to learn how to fight even though I didn't want to. Now sparring with someone whenever I was stressed out, fustrated or angry was an hubby of mine. Each time I get hit or angrily hit the one I'm up against I feel better. The physical pain makes me feel better.
  • My wolf claw hard at Brian wolf. Blood ran down his face as he ran away from me and change back to his human form. I followed his move and change back even though I wasn't yet satisfied with the results of the spare yet. I still felt angry and fustrated. We both put on back our clothes.
  • "I won't complain about my face, I know I deserve it." Brian said, his hands was on his face, tracing the line of the scars that had stop bleeding because Brian was a fast healer.
  • I glared at him. He was damn right about him deserving that. How could he not tell me the truth.
  • "Will ever forgive me. I said that I'm sorry. Things are actually more complicated than you think."
  • I was tired of hearing that word. 'complicated' it was the same thing that Bryant kept saying to me. "Were you aware of it the same time Bryant was?."
  • Brian gave out a fustrated sigh and sat down on a broken branch. He patted on an empty spot as an indication for me to sit down next to him. Sitting down next to him wasn't a good idea and he knew that. I was angry enough to claw more than just his face and he knows that. Brian had never been one of those who was afraid of me, even though I was stronger than him.
  • "Do you still remember that Kaiser use to have a sister before she was stolen?"
  • His words made me to remember Kaiser. I haven't seen him. Like was he dead or something? "Yes."
  • "Jenny is Kaiser missing sister. We found her and some other werewolves who had also been stolen away from their parents last year. It was also the same time we discovered that Jenny was Bryant mate."
  • I was surprised but I couldn't bring myself to feel pity for her or her situation. My mind still remember her words to Bryant when she asked him to choose between her and me. Perhaps if she didn't pressure Bryant so much I would have still been with him. It would have been a lie, but still I don't care, Bryant was my forever, I don't want anyone else. "That still didn't give any of you guys the right to lie to me." I said, being stubborn.
  • "I know, I know, I told Bryant to tell you the truth but Kaiser and Bryant was against the idea of ​​telling you the truth. Kaiser wanted to protect his sister and Bryant wanted to..."
  • "What? His mate." This conversation wasn't helping me, I knew that Brian was trying to make me understand things but honestly, it wasn't working. I can't understand anything right now. "You can go ahead and say it. I already know so there's no need for you to leave the word hanging."
  • "When Bryant found her, he sincerely tried to break the mate bond but Kaiser won't allowed him because his sister was too weak at that time. His sister wasn't the only one we found weak, we also found some other wolf who didn't remember how they got there and why their wolf was so weak. Some of them was already Dead when we got there the others that were alive like Jenny had lost of memory of what happened to them after they were taken away from their parents . The only memory in their head was the life they live before they were stolen." There was seriousness in his voice when he spoke of the other wolfs.
  • I couldn't reply to Brian words, I'm sure that Bryant must have fought hard with his wolf when he wanted to reject Jenny the first time he found her. I wish he told me that when he was apologizing to me. Was anything going to change if he had told me that? He could no longer reject her anymore, things was different from when he didn't know her to now when he knows her and was now so worried about her because of how weak she was.
  • "Have you guys found out the truth about what really happened to them?" My voice sounded pathetic. I feel pathetic, knowing that I actually had a chance with Bryant at some point gave me a bit of hope that died when my wolf reminded me that he was now in love with his mate. There were times she tries to comfort me by telling me things I found silly. It was all about how we would find our own mate and he would be better than Bryant. I can't think of anyone who would ever be better than Bryant. No matter what I did and how I tried to understand the fact that Bryant didn't mean it. The situation wasn't his fault. I still couldn't help it. I was hurt and it's not something that could just easily go away with few words or a pity story.
  • "We haven't but we are all still searching, most especially Kaiser. I think he's using this as an opportunity to get away from you because his sister don't like you because of Bryant."
  • "I believe the feeling here is mutual, I don't like her either." If only Jenny was part of the wolfs that died in the hell Bryant and the rest found them. Maybe then my heart would be more open to this tragic story . But right now it hard for me to feel sorry for her. Not only have I lost a friend because of her but I have also lost my boyfriend.
  • I was sure that if not for the stupid mate bond Bryant wouldn't look at her twice, I was better than her in every area. I was taller, pretty, stronger. And most importantly I was the better wolf. Alpha blood ran in my vein. I would make the better Luna.
  • I smiled as I felt my wolf in agreement with me.