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Chapter 16 Chapter 16

  • I walked into his room with thoughts of the position I will lay on, I was confused and scared because not doing as he ordered would warrant much bigger punishment.
  • I lay on the bed in a position that I didn't know if it was a sex position but I just did what I did hence my butt was facing the air he might find it attractive.
  • Soon he walked into the room to meet my naked butt and could see that he had a smirk on his face.
  • "I am sure you do not know the position you're in" he said as he spanked my butt hard.
  • Not again please!… I prayed in my heart hoping that he wouldn't whip me again.
  • "This is actually one of my best positions in bed… Doggie, this isn't my very best but I will go with it because I didn't expect you to bend so we'll like a slut" he said spanking my butt harder again "Your butt isn't all that smooth like the first time, I will get a specialist to work on it I don't like the view" he said as he walked into a little room.
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