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Chapter 9

  • Okay that was enough, he really crossed my limits. With that I got down from the bed because I wanted to slap him for the second and maybe the third time but as I got down from the bed and tried to walk to him, I fell to the floor because it ached so much between my legs why did I forget about it. Urgh I felt so hopeless. Suddenly I saw that man walking toward me hurriedly and reached for me.
  • "Are you okay? can you walk?" he looked at me and said gently, wow is he a model or something? why is he so handsome and fine? Beautiful dark blue eyes, dark brown slightly wavy hair, sexy pink plump lips, nice thick eyebrows. Then my eyes fell on his chest, only two words for that, gorgeous and tempting.
  • Suddenly he lifted my body to help me stand up, I wanted to say thank you to him for helping me but then I remembered that this is the same bastard who threw money at me, which made me feel like a whore. Not only that, he also took advantage me when I was on my most vulnerable state, wait maybe he was the one who asked the waiter to give me that drugged drink.
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