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Chapter 7

  • "Take off my clothes please" she said to me through her heavy breathing and still panting. Hmmm I never take orders from anyone except from my parents, but I think she could consider herself lucky tonight because I would do everything she asked me and I would give her everything she wanted, just for this one night, I became a person I never thought I could be.
  • With that I gently took off her tank top, bra and her pants, leaving only her panty. I looked at her amazing body and completely mesmerized by it. Long legs, perfect body portion, white soft skin, slim waist, and big boobs and a fluffy looking ass. urgh I need to control myself and closed my damn eyes. Please I already felt really fucking horny ever since I saw her in front of my door earlier, I can clearly feel something under me become extremely hard, fuckkk my breath became very very heavy and I felt my body was heating up, My heart was beating like crazy, I took a deep breath. What if this is just a prank by someone who wanted to tarnish my reputation? If I fucked her right now, what if tomorrow's newspaper headline would be 'NIALL JAMES, A YOUNG SUCCESSFUL BUSSINESMAN RAPED AN INNOCENT WOMAN' .All these years, I was obsessed making my profile to be as formidable as it can so it can be praised and honored by people.
  • "Sir?" The woman said and made me came to my senses, I looked at her, gorgeous goddess, urgh, fuck my profile, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. what if I could never see her again after this? I don't care anymore. With that I kissed her passionately while squeezing one of her boobs, so fucking softttt, I knew I won't regret this decision. I squeeze her boob and heard her moaned through her mouth, I smirked at her because from now on, those moans will be my favorite things to hear.
  • I broke the kiss and started kiss her boobies, so sweet and delicate The best feeling I've ever had.
  • "mmhh,aahh,aahh" ahhh that's sound made me went crazy,I licked her nipple, so sweet, so tasty. with that I sucked her boob hungrily and my other hand still squeezing the other boob, no boobies left behind.
  • "mmhm so good,ahh" yess baby louder, that's my fuel. with that I kissed her abdomen and went downwards, she moaned so loudly and I really love it, I looked at her and saw she was closing here eyes in pleasure, you are all mine baby. Only mine, with that I unbuckled my belt and took off my pants and boxer, so this is, the woman who stole my first kiss and will steal my virginity too, I smiled at that thought.
  • "sexy thief" I said while smiling .
  • I took off her already wet panty and quickly thrust my length into her beautiful pink pussy. Then, we both moaned ahh,, so good, she's really worth my virginity. I fucked her really hard because I knew both of us want it.
  • We did it about 6 times untill both of us were exhausted. After I was done, I went towards her and hugged her before both of us fell asleep.