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Chapter 6

  • "urmm, are you okay miss?" I was actually felt surprised at myself for speaking with that gentle tone with her, didn't I said that I want to shout and yell at her earlier? arhh, whatever.
  • I led her to the sofa and helped her to sit as I sat beside her. She was looking at me, I don't know what's the meaning behind those stares, does she have something to tell me? Then suddenly, she took off her cardigan maybe because she felt hot in this room. I reached for the aircond's remote control and reduced the temperature so she can cool down herself.
  • It do felt colder, but I don't really mind that because I still can stand it. Then I turned my body again to see her and found that she's breathing heavily. urm I really think that I need to call a doctor as soon as possible, the voice inside my head echoed.
  • "I want to do it" when I'm about to take my phone out of my pocket, she said that with her shaky, small and cute voice. Wait what? what did she say? she wanna do it? but she's unwell, how can she massage me with her condition like this?
  • "But, you are sick, it's okay you can have a rest I will still pay you even without the massage" I looked at her and smiled sincerely. It's true, I will still pay her even she's not doing her job. Maybe she really need money, that's why she came to work even when she's sick. I don`t know why but this is the first time I don't get mad when someone didn't do their job right.
  • "But I want to do it Sir" she still breathing heavily and spoke with insisting tone. why is she insisted? urgh, whatever, maybe she really loves her job.
  • "okay" I said as I walked toward the bed and she followed me, I took off my shirt to get ready for the massage and laid on my chest on the bed. To my surprise, she sat on me with both of her legs on each side of my body, new method? I honestly kinda like this position, I smiled and closed my eyes.
  • Suddenly my heart skipped a beat when I felt her placing kisses on the back of my neck and also on my back. I quickly turned around which only made her fall from my back onto the bed.
  • "what are you doing? taking advantage of me?" intentionally I raised my voice to her and look at her innocent like face. I was actually not that mad, I was just shocked and confused at the same time. Then she look at me and her eyes turned moist. OH NO,NO,NO is she going to cry?
  • "Hey, don't cry I won't hurt you" I said that because maybe she had heard about me, heartless man who will not let anyone who offended him to be alive. After I said that, she smiled sweetly at me, urgh that smile, so so so fucking pretty and cute, she even have a cute dimple on her left cheek. My heartbeat increased like crazy after seeing her smile, and didn't realize I was also smiled unintentionally towards her.
  • Suddenly she got up quickly and pressed her lips on me. I fucking froze because of her unexpected action, D-DID SHE JUST STOLE MY FIRST KISS? I didn't know what to feel, happy? angry? but for some annoying reasons, I felt happy and comfortable. I kissed her back gently and she wrapped her arms around my neck.
  • Our kiss become more passionate, deeper and sloppy as I pushed her gently to make her lay on the bed. I broke the kiss and started to kiss her neck and collarbone gently, both her skin and mouth are incredibly sweet.
  • "aahh" she moaned after I placed kisses on her neck, little did she know those moans really turned me on and made me crazy, I never feel this way before.
  • She runs her hands through the back of my head and my back while moaning, goshh I'm going insane with her effortless seductive action.