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Chapter 4

  • -NIALL--
  • "I REALLY DON'T WANT TO BE RUDE TO YOU MOM, BUT THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'M TELLING YOU, I DON'T WANT IT!! I HAVE MY OWN MY LIFE MOM, PLEASE DON'T EVER TALKED ABOUT THIS BULLSHIT AGAIN" I shouted at my mom as I walked out of her room and slammed the door. UGHH why did I do that? I sighed. I shouldn't raised my voice towards her, I'm so sorry mom but I really can't stand you this time. Why did you keep pushing me? why can't you understand? I again sighed in frustration as I took out my phone.
  • "Blake, book me a room at Sunday Club and sent a massage therapist there at 7pm" I told my assistant and ended the call. All these shitty work stuffs and mom's idiotic request really made me physically and mentally drained. Some good quality alcohols and massage will freshen me up at least for tomorrow. I sighed deeply and went to get myself ready before going.
  • Before going the room Blake had book, I drank about 2 shots of Vodka and asked the waiter to bring another 2 bottles of it into my booked room. The waiter and I made our way to the room and entered the room. After he placed the vodkas into the table, he remained standing there in front of me. Urghh of course he was waiting for his tips. Everybody is the same, they are willing to bring down their dignities just for the sake of damn money. Tell me at least one person who did not think money is everything, I'll share my wealth with them. I smirked at that thought because I knew such people didn't exist and won't exist.
  • "Here, tips for you" I gave him 50 dollars but I didn't look at his eyes yet I clearly knew he was surprised because I heard his audible gasped.
  • "thank you so much" I looked at him and saw his eyes were moist. Why is that? was he really felt that grateful? I didn't say anything instead, I motioned my hands signaling him to go out. With that, he went out.
  • "At last, peace" I spoke to myself with sigh. There were so much people down there which made me drained of energy even more. I had few more shots while looking at my schedule for tomorrow and rereading some documents sent by my secretary about my new project
  • I looked at my phone and saw its already 7:01.urghhh, where's the massage therapist? I really fucking hate people who are not punctual. Today they will not obey the time, tomorrow they will not obey you .