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Chapter 3

  • I got out from the taxi after I paid the driver, see Rose, it's okay.. nothing scar- my thought stopped as I felt someone was looking at me,shiver ran on my skin but I ignored it and enter the place quickly.
  • As I walked into the place, my jaw dropped as I see what's in front me. URGHH ALYYYYYY, why did she ask me to meet her in a night club?. I let out a deep sighed and looked for a place to sit, so I went to the corner and sat on the armchair. I looked for Aly but I couldn't find her because there were so many people in there and the loud music was really deafening me. I better called her. When I was about to call her, someone came toward me.
  • "Hello miss, you must be new here. We are giving our signature drink for free for people that come here for the first time" A tall and handsome waiter came to me while smiling and giving me a pink coloured drink with 2 slices of lemon in it, looked pretty and tasty.
  • "thank you very much, that's very kind of you" I smiled at him and chug the drink right away because I was pretty thirsty after the long journey today.
  • "my pleasure miss, here take a look at our menu, we have many more tasty drinks and snacks" I smiled at him and looked at the menu. The prices were affordable and the drink was tasty too. Suddenly, I felt my visions become blurred, and my head felt so heavy and dizzy.
  • "Excuse me sir, is this drink contain alcohol?" I spoke but I didn't get any reply so I looked up at him, I can't see well but I'm pretty sure he just SMILED AT ME and suddenly he leave.
  • I closed my eyes ease my headache and leaned on the chair because my head felt very heavy.
  • "Rose?" I quickly opened my eyes as I heard that disgusting voice, I quickly got up from the chair and forced myself to run away because I was afraid. Was he really there or it was just from my mind because of the trauma?
  • I made my way to the lift and pressed number 2. whoa what a fancy club. Once I arrived at floor 2, it was like I was in an apartment or hotel because there were so many rooms there. I sat on the floor because I feel like my head was spinning and heavy, what is this alcohol?
  • Then suddenly I heard the beep sound was coming from the lift. I got goosebumps all over my body as I thought, IS HE FOLLOWING ME? oh my, I must get up and run. No Rose, running won't work. I thought. So I got up and quickly knocked the door of the room in front of me.
  • "HELLO?" I shouted but I got no answer. With that I walked toward the next room and before I could knocked, someone opened the door, looking at his body with my blurry visions, he sure have a muscular and tall body.
  • "yeah, she's here" I heard him talked through the phone? PHONE!! URGGG Rose why are you so slow, why didn't I just take my phone and called Aly? Felt frustrated with my own thoughts, I took my phone and tried to dial Aly's number but I can t see my phone screen clearly with my eyes because the blurry effect had just increased. I tried to focus and saw Aly's number, when I'm about to press dial, suddenly someone grabbed my hand, and pulled me into the room .