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Chapter 2

  • I looked at my phone and saw it was already 5:00 pm, urg I need to get ready right now or I will miss the bus. I ran to the bathroom to take shower because it took 40 minutes for the bus to get to the city Aly lived in. After I got out from bathroom, I put on my favorite scented body lotion onto my body.
  • Next, I wore a high waisted jeans, a black tank top and overlaid it with a coffee brown cardigan. I combed my silky light brown hair while looking at the mirror, I let out a deep sight as I thought of my future, all I wanted is normal life, don't have to be rich. Just have a stable financial status and someone to love me was enough. My eyes turned moist as I realized that I don't have both of them. I came back to my senses and smiled at my reflection on the mirror. No, I can't think of that right now, I have to be strong for papa and my sweet little sister.
  • I finished getting ready after I applied my liptint, then I went downstairs and went to Papa's bedroom.
  • I unintentionally smiled as I saw him sleeping peacefully. I didn't want to interrupt his nap time so I went closer to him just to kiss his forehead. As I left the room, I saw Jane was looking at me, and I came to her.
  • "Tell papa I'm going to city okay, I'll be back soon" I said as she smiled and nodded at me. Hughh, why do I felt nervous? was it because this is the first time I went to the city on my own? yeah, this will be my first time going there alone, I went to the city about 4 years ago with Aly to celebrate her birthday. I tried to calm myself down but failed, maybe my heart wanted to warn me about something?
  • With that I left the house and went to the town to buy bus ticket. The small town was busy as always, then I arrived at the bus terminal and looked for the bus. I smiled happily as I saw the big red bus with sign board beside it said 'To The City'. I entered the bus and took a seat, It was an old bus, it's air-conditioner not even functioning well, but that was okay as long as it can get me to the city. I waited for about 10 more minutes and after the bus filled with people, the bus started to move. I closed my eyes but suddenly I remembered that bastard and what he did to me 3 years ago. Urgh, can I just lost my memory so that I can forget that asshole's face and those sharp and hurtful words he said to me? I quickly took out my earphones and plugged it to my phone and played a song to listen to so that I can forget about him for a while.
  • FINALLY!! I arrived at the bus stop and my body hurt so bad for sitting on the bus for a long time, I looked what's in front of me and gasped as I saw tall buildings, beautiful street lights that already lighted up which only made the view of the city enhanced!! So pretyyy.. Cars of different models and colors, people passing by, the evening breeze, I closed my eyes to feel this moment, everything about this city really mesmerized me. Then I realized, what time is it? I looked at time and saw it's already 6:37 pm. With that, I quickly find a taxi and asked the driver to drop me off at Sunday Club.
  • I was a bit afraid while riding the taxi, what if he kidnapped me? what if he bring me to other place and hurt me? NOO Rose you can't think of that, you will be okay, look he is just a sweet old man who tried to make a living with this job to feed his family. I managed to calm myself and texted Alysa.
  • " I'm on the way to Sunday club :) " after I sent it, I immediately got a response from her.
  • "Good! me too but I have to stop by a shop first hehe " I smiled while looking at the text because I really can't wait to see her, this will be the first time we see each other after she moved 3 years ago.