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Chapter 10

  • When I got back to the bar, I noticed there were only a few people there including the staffs. The environment here was so much different than last night, last night was wild and loud but now the surrounding feels like an ordinary fancy café. I started to walk more toward the inside of the club and asked each and everyone of the people there if they have their phone charger with them. Unfortunately, no one brings their phone charger with them into the club. Hmmm, what did you expect Rose, of course no one brings their charger with them, why would you want to bring your phone charge to the club?
  • I sighed in frustration and sit on the chair in front of the bar counter. Suddenly I felt someone was coming to me from behind.
  • "Hey, are you looking for a phone a charger?" I smiled happily as I heard him. Finally, a help from above pheww thank you God. I smiled as I turned my body to face the man that just spoke to me then I felt like my soul left my body as I saw the man who spoke to me was him. HIM!! I let out a deep sighed because my only hope now is gone.
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