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Because I Want You So Bad

Because I Want You So Bad

Rosie Anne

Update: 2021-09-09

Chapter 1

  • -ROSE -
  • Tears filled my eyes as she shouted at me with her broken sweet voice.
  • "I told you before Rose, I DON'T WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE!! How am I supposed to go to college when papa is extremely sick right now? why do you want to waste money on education when Papa really need money for his heart surgery and we don't even have the quarter amount of money needed to pay for the surgery? Did you really think that all of your part time works are enough to save papa ? "
  • She looked at me straight into my eyes and said with tears already rolled down her red cheeks and then she smirked in a sarcastic way. I came closer to her and hold her hands, I can clearly felt her hot and shivering hands in mine.
  • "Jane, how many time do I have to tell you? Don't mind about it, I'll handle it all "I can't hold my tears anymore, I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh, then I looked at her again .
  • "I just want you to chase your dream Jane, please I beg you, stop working at that night club, I promise I'll figure something out, I would do everything to save papa" I spoke as caressing her face gently. She remained silent for a while, tears still rolling down her cheeks.
  • "But my only dream is to see papa to be healthy again Rose" she cried and hugged me tightly. My heart broke into pieces as I heard her cried helplessly. We hugged for a while and I broke the hug as I spoke to her.
  • " I will lend some money from Alysa" I looked her with a smile. Jane looked at me for a while and nodded with her sweet smiled. Alysa is my childhood bestfriend, She moved to the city 3 years ago because of her family business.
  • "Alright, I'm gonna call her now" with that I left Jane in her room and went to my bedroom. I looked at my phone and stared Alysa's number, urgg, Suddenly I felt a slight hesitation to ask her for help, its not that I was embarrassed of my poor condition right now, but I didn't want her to worry much about me, I didn't want her to feel pity for me and most importantly I don't want to trouble her heart as I knew she already have tons of problem such as her ignorant rich parents. yeah she's rich but she was not happy about it because she never felt what its like to have loving and caring parents.
  • "Hey Aly," I forced myself to call her and spoke.
  • "Hey Rose, what's up? don't tell me you missed me already, come on girl, it's only been 2 days since our last call" she asked jokingly while chuckle, haa, she's my bestfriend alright, always made me smile even on my lowest point. However she was not wrong, I do missed her a lot even though we were chit chatting until 4 am through the phone about 2 days ago.
  • "Aly, can I borrow some money from you? papa need to undergo heart surgery as soon as possible and we didn't have enough money for that" I said in a serious tone through my broken voice, trying hard not cry but my eyes already moist.
  • "Oh my gosh, is Mr. Thomas okay? sure Rose, you knew I already consider him as my own father, just tell me how much. Oh how about we meet up? It's been years since I last hugged you and I can feel that you have so much things to tell me." She said in an impatient tone, did she even breath when she said that? I sighed and smiled as I considered her idea, yeah, it was true, there were so much things I want to tell her and I really missed talking to her face to face and hug her
  • "Alright Aly, just text me the address and I'll go there by bus"
  • "okay see you soon girlfriend" with that the call ended, after a few minutes, I got a text from her.
  • 'SUNDAY CLUB,7 PM' what is this? a club? Hmm, maybe just the name of that place, I tried to think optimistically but my gut was telling me something was wrong, Aly sure like night clubbing but she wanted to talk heart to heart THERE? no freaking way ,right? ugh, I just hoped this feeling was not true.