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Chapter 8 My Life In A Strangers House

  • I fell down on my face and started thanking them for everything they have decided to do for me and for deciding not to send me to the police to be jailed.
  • I promised them that i will do everything under my power to stay peacefully with them until the day God will grant me my freedom and bless me with my own personal family.
  • They called Precious their first daughter to come and help me clean up my body and also get some drugs for me to enable me heal faster.
  • Their first daughter Precious came inside with a bucket of warm water and a rag to help me do the cleaning first.
  • I noticed that Precious or her mother Mrs. Philip realized who i was and i was grateful it was so. So i decided to keep it to myself and watch what will happen. Precious helped me and cleaned up all the blood stains on my body and asked me to wait for her to go and get some drugs, pain killer and barm for my wounds and i sat down waiting for her as she rushed out to get them in the nearby pharmacy.
  • She came back almost immediately and asked me to lie down for her to be able to apply the barm on the necessary places.
  • I layed down and she started applying the barm on the wounds, her hands were soft and smooth. She robed my back gently, i felt some serious pain but refused to make a sound as i was a man, making a sound would make her think that i am weak.
  • After minutes of robbing the barm on my back, she was just smiling and from smiling she started laughing very hard and i wandered why she was laughing.
  • I asked her why she was laughing and she asked me 'why am i trying to endure the pain that i was feeling? Is it because she was a lady and i will feel embarrassed if she sees me scream?' I could not answer as i was shy and ashamed that she got me, she continued with the barm but assumed me to express myself when i am hurt that pain does not reduce me from being a man but not knowing when to speak up does.
  • I smiled at her kind words and we started talking.
  • I asked her what she was doing with her life at her age and she said, she just gained admission into the University and will be leaving soon for school.
  • I was really proud of her, me that did not finish my own primary school and up till now i don't even know when i will be going back to school. She seemed to notice that i was lost in the own thoughts and she asked me 'what about you?'
  • What? what about me? She smiled and said, where do you stop your education before entering the street? I was in Basic six when lost my parents and since then i have not been opportune to further my life talk more of education.
  • She tapped me and told me 'One day you will be everything that you wanted to be, i just know that.'
  • I smiled again, thank you Precious for your kind words. How do you even know my name? because i can't remember telling you my name. I heard it when your mum called you i lied but i already know her name from the first day o came into their house.
  • Oh, that is true, i totally forgot. What is your name? My name is Prime. As i mentioned my name, i noticed the shock in your face and she said. Prime! wow that is a beautiful name, what is your surname? I quickly remembered that she may notice and recognize me if i informed her that i was Prime John, that my family was the richest and wealthiest of all time. I decided to change my surname name. I told her that my surname was Samuel and immediately she said, oh!
  • I thought you were from this richest and most powerful family in the entire world as they had a son that bears the name Prime but his father‟s name is John and not Samuel.
  • Okay, i understand. Can you tell me what you know about this family? I just wanted to hear my own sorry from the mouth of another person.
  • You mean, you don't know the family of Mr. John? The most powerful family in the world. I don't think i know them, at least i would not be on the street and be knowing the wealthiest man's house except i have evil intentions against him. That is true, the world on the street is different from the world of a normal person.
  • Mr. John as i have introduced earlier is the richest man on earth and he belong to the most powerful family in the whole wide world. He married one wife with several children, i have not been able to tell how many children they had but i know they had up to 4 girls and a single boy who was the only heir.
  • The boys name was Prime too, and i met Prime once in a boutique were my mum was working 15 years ago, he was handsome, charming with his long hair and pick lips like yours, but yours is already turning to black.
  • We smiled but mine is not that black now, it is still pick.
  • She laughed, is it this thing that are you calling pink? She said and touched my lips, nay this is not pink lips.
  • We continue arguing until she mistakenly touched one of my wounds and i screamed. She apologized and blamed me for it as she said i did not want to allow her finish her story, that in fact she is not telling me again.
  • i pleaded with her until she accepted to continue the story.
  • She continued, he was handsome. He was with my kid sister on the floor smiling when i got there. I was just 10 years old at the time, i stood from afar and watched for few minutes before approaching him to carry my sister but he asked to see my mother and i went and called my mother.
  • He was so kind, do you know what he did for us that day?
  • What did he do?
  • He told his sister who was older than him to inform my mum's manager to let her go for the day and they paid the manager because they wanted to visit our house.
  • The bought so many good things for us that day and their guards helped in packing everything into their fine cars and we drove down to this our house.
  • And they came inside and asked the guards to bring in everything that they bought for us, after packing it, they talked with my mum for some minutes and decided to go home, so they left.
  • My mum was very happy as they left and she prayed for Prime and asked God to protect and never let his enemies triumph over him. Come and see her praying for Prime with all her heart but what happened few weeks later was disheartening.
  • What happened?