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Chapter 6 Stolen Gold

  • We agreed to continue as that was a huge money for us and a break through as it was going to take us out of the street if we can do that for at least 2 years consistently, we will have a chance to get a reasonable and responsible job and stay off the street forever which was our dream. The next day, Princewill went out again and came out with more groceries and chains, we sold them and made more money and in few weeks Princewill was already addicted to stealing and I was also addicted to selling stuffs. We were able to get nice cloths and our leaving the street was getting closer, we continue for 1 ½ year and we were already planning on getting a small house for ourselves as we have saved up a lot of money that we are going to spend. We dug a pit and bought a cylinder where we put all the money and then burry it, we saw a house in the neighborhood that was for sell for US $1,000 and we decided to get the house the next day with the money as we had more than enough money now. We ate finish and planned on what and what we will do with the remaining part of the money after purchasing the house and I started having a strange feeling even as we discussed. The same feeling I was having the same day my entire family were all killed. I asked Princewill, what is your plan for live and he told me „what plan again?‟ is it not the plan that we are making now. I kept quiet as I have come to trust Princewill because we have gone through a lot for this past 8 ½ years but unknown to me, Princewill had other plans that I was not aware of. We slept off that night as usually even though I was having a bad feeling about everything but once in street is always in the street. I was no longer afraid of anything that may happen even though it is a betrayal. I no longer care. As I woke up in the morning, Princewill was gone with every of his belongings.
  • I called out his name but no one responded, I went to the neighborhood to see whether he was there purchasing the house but the owner of the house said, he have not seen him since morning that was when my mind remembered the money that we saved for the house. And immediately I remembered, I told the man that I was coming, I ran saying to myself as I ran „it should not be true‟ „it should not be true‟ „it should not be true‟. I ran to the place where we buried the money and it was gone. I cried not because Princewill took the money with him but because this is the second time I am being betrayed. I cried for so many days alone in the uncompleted building, I could not believe that the boy I grew up with has betrayed me and left with the money we agreed to use in making our lives better.
  • I packed my stuffs and decided to go back to the tunnel or cave where I was staying before I met Princewill. I went back and stayed there for days without coming out for any reason, it was as I was there that I made up my mind never to trust anybody again and that I will also continue with the stealing, at least if I can successfully steal for another 1 ½ year, I will be able to save up the amount that Princewill took from me. And I desperately wanted to start of the life I and Princewill planned to have. Buying a house and also getting a legal job and start up afresh. I was confident that the same favour that followed my father Mr. John was also following me so I forgave Princewill because if he had known where I was coming from and the favour on my life, he would have known that I will never be small even though it may seem that they is no hope today but I can feel the wind calling on my behalf.
  • Prepare my part of the wealth in the world, I can feel it that I will never be poor like this for ever, I can see myself with my beautiful wife and my beautiful and handsome children playing in a beautiful garden. I can feel things changing very soon. I was just thinking until I slept off. The next day, as I woke up I went out to the street to steal and I saw a man with a find watch and I approached him and was able to steal it as I distracted him by showing him another thing behind him. I stole few other things, like wrist watches, chains, wallets etc And I went back to the cave and brought out everything that I stole and went straight to the guy that always buy what we stole from the street.
  • The guy has people from the major city that comes and buys everything he bought from us at a higher rate and takes them to the city and re-sprays them as not to attract the owner‟s attention as some of the things that were stolen were marked and maybe recognized by their owners if they happen to visit the store where it was sold. I sold everything I went with for US $150, that was the highest I have ever sold before, I was desperate to get out of the street as Princewill, I double everything he use to do, he steals for 9 hours on a good day that he has strength but I steal and rube for almost 15 hours each day and I do that every single week without feeling remorse. If it is possible for me to leave the street in one night I will do whatever it takes to see myself leave the street. One morning, I went out to steal as usual but what I saw attracted my attention and I desired to have it because it was all that I ever wanted. Stealing this will take me out of the street forever and ever, and it will take me not only out of the street but also out of poverty. I saw a shining gold in a bag sealed. The gold attracted my attention and I promised myself that I will not let that gold by pass me even if police men are around I really don‟t care because I must get that gold. I followed the woman as she walked, it was obvious she didn‟t notice that the gold was showing and that someone was following her but unknown to me it was a trap set by some men that have seen that someone is around that always steal from them, so they decided to set a trap even though they don‟t know who their trap will catch but they were ready for whosoever that will try to snatch the gold out of the hands of the woman.
  • The woman was moving toward a bank and I couldn‟t see her face as I was behind. So, I knew that if I should allow this woman get away with this gold any closer to the bank, I will lose it and I really needed the gold, so I followed her and rushed and dragged the gold out of her hands. Immediately the gold was off her hands, I thought she would start shouting so I ran away, to my greatest surprise she didn‟t shout, so I went to my cave and stayed there, I peeped to see whether anyone was following me but thank God no one was following me behind. I kept the gold and thought for some minutes smiling to myself. I went closer to the bag where the gold was packed and I started crying again. I couldn‟t believe I was the one that will soon be leaving the street for good, I couldn‟t believe that my dreams were finally coming to pass as I have everything I need to get any house of my choice and to get the life I truly desire. I knelt down and started praising God with songs, I sang and danced for hours, thanking God that finally I have been rewarded for all my act of kindness and for the act of kindness my parents showed to people around and in diaspora. I open the bag of gold and poured out the gold on the floor, my plans were to look for an oven and melt all the gold into different shapes and sizes as to avoid suspicion from the guy I wanted to sell to. I took out the money I saved on my previous jobs and I went out and bought a small oven with a bag of coal and matches. I went back into the cave and started melting the gold one after the other, when I was done I packed the gold back into the bag that I stole it from and was about to go and sell them when I heard a sound of a vehicle.
  • This is where the signal is showing the voice echoed, what signal? I asked myself. I decided to check the bag that the gold was packed and I show a small little device that was hanging at the extreme of the bag which was a tracking device. That was when I knew my own have finished, I didn‟t know what to do as the cave only has one entrance and they were already close to the entrance and even if I should run how far can I run with a heavy gold as this and I am still not ready to lose the gold. I dropped the device that I found in the bag on the floor and stepped on it and spoilt it. The signal is gone but this was the place where we last saw the signal. That means the thief have discovered the signal and he is still around this premises.
  • I thought they will go away until I heard one of them say, I found a cave here, come this may be where he is hiding. Bring the light, the cave is dark. What will I do now that they are about to come into the cave? I can no longer escape even if I wanted to, the entrance is the only place in and out of this cave. What will I do? I sat down on the floor not knowing what to do, I dropped the gold at my feet and looked up waiting for them to come inside and take me. If God wants me dead then I am dead but if God wants me alive then I will survive today. I give up trying.