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Chapter 4 – My Friend Princewill

  • In no time, I was done with the shaving of my hair and thank goodness, I was not looking like a rich kid or Prime. I was looking like a kid from ghetto and that was all I wanted to do as to disguise myself for few years as the case maybe.
  • Because considering everything that has happened, I do not think I am going back anytime soon. I wanted to damage my sim card as to avoid being tracked but I decided to check the social media one last time to see what was really going one. As I logged in, I saw the news of my family‟s assassination and my uncle Mr. Sam was on television telling the reporters that he went to his room to get something and as he was in his room, he started hearing of some noise and screams, he used the cctv camera to observe and he saw that it was assassins who have invaded my celebration party and killed everyone including me. I was very angry but I managed to listen more to see what he said. They journalist asked him and you saw your brother‟s family being slaughtered and everyone in that room but you refused to call the military? He said, he was not with his cell phone as to call anyone and moreover his brother Mr. John doesn‟t work with the military as he has his own military but it was obvious they did not arrive on time. My uncle continued lying on television until I could not take it any longer and I smashed my phone on the floor and it pieced. I am so angry right now, how could he even lie about everything that happened that night? Are the reporters blind or something? How will your only brother who have been helping you and gave you a roof over your head is in a messy situation and you did not do anything just because you wanted to save yourself too. This is ridiculous. I started crying all over again forgetting I was just hungry few minutes ago. I tried to calm myself down and I left the phone there as it is no longer working because I smashed it on the floor. I started walking through the street alone with my dirty clothes on and it was obvious no body recognized me. I got to the junction and sat down there with other kids who were begging also. And I asked them to help me with one of their plates so that I can beg too with them as to get something to eat later that day. A small boy of my age gave me a little plate and I started humming a song and all the kids started looking at me because the song was melodies. Strangers started dropping money on my plate as they heard me hum the song. After few hours plate was full of money, I guess my father‟s good fortune is still following me everywhere I go.
  • I shared the money with the kid that gave me a little plate and he asked me whether I have a place to stay and I told him I did not have. He asked me to follow him that he found an uncompleted building where he have been staying for some time now, and I followed him. We bought some food as we were going to the place he wanted us to stay and as we got to an uncompleted building, he told me that that was the place where he have been staying for the past few months. I appreciated him for his kind and accommodating nature. He asked me to sit and eat and we sat down and started eating what we bought on our way there. After eating, I asked him about himself and he said first of all my name is Princewill, I am 10 years old and I have no family. I was brought up by an old man who died two years ago, the old man said that he was working with this truck that carries trash and one day as they were done and went to offload the waste they were carrying that they heard a baby‟s cry inside a nylon, they rushed and open the nylon and they found me inside. I was sweating and almost suffocating when they brought me out, that after they brought me out, they bought some food and feed me and also bought sachet water and birth me there. When they were done, they took me to the police station and after few day without anyone reporting a lost child, the police called the old man to come and carry the child as his own. The old man was happy and went to court and gets the necessary papers to claim he was my father and everything. He did that successfully, even though life was not pleasant but he tried his best to take care of me and everything I wanted.
  • The only thing he didn‟t do for me was to send me to school, he said he will send me to school one day after he save up enough money but he was not able to fulfill that promise before he died in a car accident. I am so sorry for your lose. No, it‟s nothing, it‟s a long time ago, his colleagues said that as they went to work, they were coming out from their site when a truck that lost control smashed their own truck and as he was at the back of their truck, he fell off and the moving truck climbed his head and he died on the spot. It was not easy for me at the moment but what will I do, the old man have tried to take care of me for 8 years from the very day he found me where my mother must have dumped me and left. He helped me up until two years ago. Tears pouring down his eyes, he cleaned up and said, „enough of my boring story‟, how about you, how do you end up here?, as I can see that you are just new here as you have no place to stay. I smiled and told him never to tell anyone about what I am going to tell him about myself and he promised not to tell. I told him everything about my family and everything I have gone through and how my parents were killed but I omitted the part that it was just the recent event of the billionaire‟s family. I was afraid that I might offend him one day and he will spill everything that I told him out to strangers, which will eventually bounce back on me. Though, I told him every single truth about myself but I can‟t really trust anyone with a huge information as that at least for now.
  • After that, we cried for few minutes seeing how live have not been fair to us, I stretched forth my hands and said to him „nice to meet you Princewill‟, and he reciprocated by stretching his hands also and taking mine and we hugged ourselves and later slept off as it was already mid night.