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Chapter 5 MESSED UP

  • I glance at the man and almost feel pity for him. His breathing is labored, his breaths coming out in shallowed gasps. He sounds like a train whistling and rattling. I'm guessing a punctured lung would cause that. It comes from all the beatings which we've been giving him.
  • He put himself in this mess. No one steals for me and goes scott free. No one. Precious stones and jewels I harvested with time, effort and hard-earned money. Something tells me things run deeper than that.
  • A set up, maybe, or he was sent by someone?
  • His mouth opens, drawing my attention to his face which is all bloodied and unrecognizable. It looks like someone has rearranged his features. It's a fucking bloody mass of pulp. I glance down at my curled fist which is coated slick with blood. His blood. I should finish him once and for all, snuff the life out of him with one more punch. Just one more punch and it would be all over for him.
  • A face flashes before me, one which has been plaguing me this past week. A comely face with hazel eyes and pouty pink lips. Lips I dreamt would wrap around my-
  • "Ash?"
  • I snap out of my fevered imagination and back to the moment.
  • "Something wrong?" Lobos asks from behind me.
  • Damn witch has gotten my mind tripping and my cock twitching.
  • "Is there something-"
  • "I heard you the first time." I grind out. My shoulders slump and I turn round to face him with a shake of my head. "You finish this and make it clean." I wave my hand around wildly. "Put the man out of his misery already."
  • I feel his lingering eyes on my back as I stalk out of the warehouse and into blinding sunlight. After cleaning up, I drive myself to Stardust. Walter has a few days off. Yapped my head off about going out of town to be with his family. Good for him. I'm mister solo and loving every minute of it, at least not until. . . hazel eyes.
  • She's been plaguing my dreams non stop.
  • I laugh to myself when I remember how odd and out of place she'd looked at Stardust, dressed in a loose long dress. It was strange to see, though, because nothing, absolutely nothing could have covered the hips on her.
  • It was an odd combination. A woman with a stripper body and innocent eyes. Eyes that had looked at me with such horror when I insinuated her sister was probably doing drugs or whoring herself. Her reaction had amused me to no end. I wasn't able to hold my laughter inside.
  • It was refreshing to see someone like her at the club, but if her sister looks as well as dresses anything like her. . . I shake my head. She'll never end up in my club, or any club at that long enough to make it.
  • First off, clubs are a place where girls like to dress half-naked. Think of it as a buisness. The business of the flesh. They showcase their goods to intending customers and the haggling begins.
  • All that and more, takes place at Stardust, which if I dare say so, is on another level. It caters to people with certain tastes. Expensive tastes of the flesh. Drugs, female clientele and alcohol. Lots of all of that. Girls like hazel eyes would get swallowed up there.
  • Same thing goes for me. Women like her, are not meant for beasts like me.
  • Quote me on that.
  • But that's the problem with me. I like to play with fire, except from where I'm standing, hazel eyes doesn't just look like fire, she looks like a blazing inferno. Something tells me she won't be that easy to conquer. My phone rings and I use the hands free to answer. "Spit it out, Moro."
  • "I'm staring at her right now. She lives in this run down neighborhood but I can tell you this for nothing - this chick - she carries herself like a queen. Damn!"
  • "What is it you see?" I'm gritting my teeth, wishing I could be in two places at the same time. That kind of super power would come in handy in my line of business.
  • "It's just. . . she's wearing this. . . oh, mama, this is some view."
  • "Picture! Now!" I'm on the edge of my seat, almost passing a red light, but stop just in time.
  • I hear sniggering on the line before he cuts the call. I'm sweating buckets at this point.
  • How long does he need to take a damn photo?
  • Aim and click.
  • That's it.
  • Just when my patience has worn thin and I reach for my phone, a video pops up on my screen. It's her. Hazel eyes. She's all covered in a silk wispy-looking dressing gown, yet all her curves are sinfully on display.
  • She walks bare foot outside to the front of her doorstep and bends. She fucking bends to pick up the newspaper that was thrown there, and for a brief instance. A very brief instance, I see the swell of her well - endowed chest peeking out. My cock immediately strains against my pants reminding me it's been too long since it got wet, and not from water.
  • I pause the video, close my eyes and gather my wits about me. When I continue watching it, she turns and walks back in, giving me a view of her oh-so-round and fuckable bum. Honks and shouts bring me back to life and I realize the red light has turned to green, and I'm holding up a long line of cars.
  • I put the car back on the road but I'm not concentrating. I drive like a madman to Stardust. Once I get into my office, I lock the door and jerk off while watching the video. I cum like a man who has never experienced an orgasm before. It's a release that does nothing for me except heighten my desire for hazel eyes.
  • I don't even know her name. . . yet.
  • I smile deviously as I pick my phone and call Moro. "Find out all about her. Her name, who she is, her relations and friends, where she goes to school, every single thing, down to her favorite colour. I want to know everything. Is that clear?"
  • I hear his sniggering before I cut the call.