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Chapter 8

  • In their pockets, when they started ambushing the trucks of drugs and money, diverting shipments, intercepting politicians and their sources, hiring paparazzi to frame them and make their lives difficult, to force them to either retreat or flee, in the end , during a major financial and health crisis, politicians gathered money, tried to flee, but the money was intercepted, with evidence, even planted, they were cornered, some were arrested, others disappeared.
  • About that.
  • Those who remained were arrested before they were able to flee or hide.
  • - I have a case for you to get your hands on. – Ryujin said, towards a lawyer who happened to be a tall blue devil, with pointy ears and a two thousand dollar suit.
  • As he smiled in her direction, asking next.
  • - Do you have the evidence? – He questioned him.
  • - I gathered them all. – He said, putting a pile of documents on the table.
  • At that time, they started to read and study the reports, when they thought of it being a federal crime and taking it towards the supreme court, in the capitol.
  • That's when he was able to prove the embezzlement of funds, with thefts from the tax authorities by corrupt politicians who stole money from security and state works.
  • Due to the supposed and proven cause in solving crimes easier and less laborious, since they were in a court, to delegate and solve two things.
  • There was Judge Strauss, who was banging her gavel at the trial, they went with good lawyers, to privatize and make a job under the control of the Delphos company, which was the biggest company in the city.
  • Ryujin Delphos for more than six months, campaigned for the privatization of security and works for the maintenance of the city, for administration and to be administered by the city.
  • This time he was prepared and immortal, as well as being trumpeted by demons, vampires and werewolves who began to ambush and surround the mafia laundering drug and money trucks, surrounding them, cornering them and setting up traps to burn the drugs. and steal the money.
  • As they transported the cash shipments, he would get a few digits richer.
  • - A thief who steals a thief has a hundred years of pardon. – Ryujin said, when transporting the shipments in private safes.
  • All this happened, since during just over ten years of public government, countless cases remained open, the largest number of unresolved cases in America, or unresolved, the oldest had more than 30 years unresolved.
  • As the city went through a lack of restoration, without jobs and without administrations of maintenance of public assets, since during a series of crises that devastated the city.
  • So, from low income, few studies, little investment in education, a public health crisis that ranged from an epidemic to a wave of drug trafficking and distribution and use, so, instead of investing in the fight against trafficking and drugs .
  • - You literally stole government funds and ran away. – The judge said.
  • - Mr Mayor Malcom, Captain George and Commissioner Prince, I judge how the Delphos cause wins, due to the precarious conditions of public security, it has been proven that the largest number of unresolved cases, lack of government funds in search of legal conditions and fair ways to manage security and administration and maintenance funds for the city with roads and
  • Lovecraft County was the Mecca of the great religious orders, being the circle and seat of an ancient religion, as well as being the seat of the central cult of the galactic and mystical religion of Um-Mu, where it helped with the coming of economic change with the headquarters of religion, which was brought to the city with the help of Ryujin Delphos.
  • It was thus, that during his years of 17 years until his 29 years, in which he trained and took his sabbatical life of experience and training and during his youth, staying away from the city of Lovecraft.
  • Being that he traveled the world, found out about secret societies, he had numerous relationships when he discovered his bisexuality.
  • It was so, in the midst of his discoveries, when he went to train various arts of combat, fighting and various studies, he encountered in his travels the great order of Um-Mu.
  • He met at the age of a small child, less than a year, being for years his masters in the occult arts, the master of all vampires, first son and childer of Caine, called Selene Regis, also in the midst of his training, he met the great alliance, being the witness of the peace agreement between the werewolves, when Ryujin met the great descendant of the first werewolf, the first son of Remus the first emperor of Rome, his name was Luna Crimson.
  • Both men, being the most muscular, largest and sexiest beings and at the peak of even their physical abilities, were perfect and beautiful men.
  • Selene Regis was a white marble man, red eyes and vertical pupils, long red hair, pointed ears, his body was hairless, smooth, in addition to long straight red hair, he had the power to walk in sunlight. , could transform into an immense and muscular black bat, he was muscular, tall and defined, a true god, in addition to being 2 meters tall.
  • On the other hand, Luna Crimson had long platinum white hair, a half moon mark lying on her forehead, pointed ears, her blue gray eyes, square jaw, pointed ears, her body was muscular, 2 meters tall physique, for hair. his whole body, it looked like a cloak and his chest, he could transform into a huge direwolf, which could be bigger than an elephant.
  • That's when he began to coexist with both community and mystical forces, in a relationship that began when he alternated between training in both clans, in which he, from being a student with each of them, blossomed and was born from a friendship to first love, of a 19 year old.
  • It was in the midst of traveling around the world that they started living together when Ryujin returned to Lovecraft to take over his Delphos company business when his parents died.7
  • It was where he got involved with the big bosses of countless secret societies, in the midst of getting involved with his first homosexual relationship, it was with the big bosses of the clans between werewolves and vampires that revealed when he returned to the city of Lovecraft County bringing with them new partners, allies and resources to rebuild their city.
  • Now, when he managed to privatize security, transfer subsidies to security and public health services to be privatized and managed by the Delphos company.
  • Since that day, when Ryujin had gotten the administration, since the countless open cases, when as the greatest detective in the world, when he was there, when he came back, starting to manage and use funds with the help of a sector created in your company.
  • The Delphos company through smaller companies also with outsourcing and small firms, delegating functions, privatizing and managing the business, with that he did works, opened abandoned factories, became a development milestone, when he was then, solving everything with a great supernatural society, which had, in addition to taking root in the city, two great supernatural beings admired for their ability to manage and progress.
  • - You are a great philanthropist. - A handsome vampire with red hair, approached him at the entrance of his room at the company's board meeting.