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Chapter 10

  • That was what they manufactured, the drink that was made in stills, things should have a control, since the Delphos company itself was sending funds and private resources towards psychiatric clinics and rehabilitation of chemical dependents or alcoholics, but from that With the way with werewolves and vampires drinking, the situation became difficult to manage, now, for example, he understood how they felt in the sexual frenzy, using drinks as an aphrodisiac, just kissing and pumping his cock under the table.
  • They were great fermenters, it happened that the smell of fermentation and yeast was so strong that a river of drinks was created in a factory contaminating the forest where the liquor factory was located.
  • It happened that the place was cut by a road that connected a state of Lovecraft County to the state of Golden Valley, which bordered the west of the state, so anyone who passed by car or any automobile there, did not need to drink, due to the high alcohol content, the yeast, intoxicated just from the smell, the mist that dispersed, it would leave anyone with a hangover.
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