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Anthology Of Shadows Desires Chronicles Adventures Of Multiverse Crimson Moon Of Ruins

Anthology Of Shadows Desires Chronicles Adventures Of Multiverse Crimson Moon Of Ruins

Raghdary Ryssa Reir Rangdolfi

Last update: 2022-11-28

Chapter 1

  • - Mr. Belarus these ideas of yours of outsourcing the employment sector, with funds and creating training companies and donations so that we would pay the faculties and employ them, is interesting. – An investor who was donating money and doing business in the city, being hugged there, taken to the investor circle.
  • - Thanks for the compliment. – Yue said.
  • There he was, with his long, pearly white hair down, his toned body sculpted in white marble, as he thought about going to the bathroom.
  • At that time, he was cornered, in the hallway, mouths, hands and arms, trapping his muscular body, his biceps prominent, tight in his skin-tight clothing.
  • "God…, not here…" He tried, to have his mouth plundered.
  • When he was caught off guard by two handsome men, they being Artemis and Apollo, one being a vampire and the second being a werewolf, they were in love with him, opening his pants, not waiting and fucking him there in that dark hallway.
  • When he tried to pull to reach the bathroom, which he tried to access, being surprised by hands that made him come and urinate, entering the shower at the same time, he stayed for more than twenty minutes, two penises taking turns pushing him, as he held on to the bathroom tiles.
  • They were both possessive and jealous, even though he was their soul mate, still, it was too much to ask, not to be cornered, picked up, kissed in dark corners, pushed towards the stairs and alley, fucked hard, yet wobbly , even though they said.
  • - Let's talk later, in which he knew that his pants were up, well wrinkled, but no one seemed to pay attention, or ignored.
  • When Yue returned to the party, even though he was oozing out of him, having spasms and twitching, they didn't give him space, because they were capable of killing anyone who looked other than friendly.
  • He was in the midst of a circle of businessmen and investors, who saw the newly renovated and rebuilt city when it was recently freed from the mafia high society and the crime syndicate, when through investigations to bring to light the diversions of funds and the non-declaration of the tax authorities, made them flee, not before shipments of money were intercepted, diverted and stolen.
  • Now, he was showing the circle of people interested in investing in moving the economy and generating jobs, in recently purchased companies and factories, which were abandoned in the flight of corrupt politicians fleeing the FBI and who were denounced by informants with promises to save the their lives and not get killed at the first opportunity.
  • When Yue was remembering what he was told by the priests of Um-Mu.
  • Thousands of years ago.
  • It was during the so-called blood wars, the angels launched their wars, as a way to face the demons, the prize was humans.
  • The war raged for eons from the ends of time, to the middle of the Middle Ages with the black plague that unleashed the deaths of millions, while towards the power of the divine clergy there was the witch hunt.
  • The blood wars, in total there were three wars, in which they nearly decimated humanity and also led to the near extinction of angels and demons, as the gods engaged in battles to choose sides, leading to countless ends, repeated Ragnarok, doomsday among so many moments that led worlds to extinction.
  • What would once have been a war for territories, with the emergence of humanity becoming a war for followers, both forces, tried to drive the humans and other beings that appeared in their ranks amidst occupying a vacant place left by the carnage.
  • Wars were for the faithful and those who had the most followers won, with wars, there were casualties on both sides, amidst the transform eons ago.
  • When the world crumbled in which it was turned into a desert, when there were almost no lives left, the wars brought both forces to the brink of extinction.
  • So, in the midst of this, the greatest representatives of both sides did the unthinkable, they offered their children as sacrifices to stop the war.
  • Among the representatives were a offspring of Cain that should be sacrificed so that it could take a fruit from the offspring of Abel, being that the children of Cain were vampires and the children of Abel were werewolves, they should wait for the representative of the avatar of the great dragon of the rebirth the so-called beast of the end that brought rains and rebirth.
  • Every 200 years, an avatar of the beast of the end was born, in which he had to wait a period of 2 thousand years so that he could be the mediator and the bridge that would connect the love of the first child of Cain and Abel.
  • Since Artemis Darkness, the son of Cain, the first vampire generated by the sacrifice of Cain's wife, and the son of Abel named Apollo Luci Bel, in which he was the first werewolf generated by the sacrifice of Abel's wife, should follow and wait for the mediator and the one destined to be the twin and immortal soul that would be born from the family of the priest of Delphi so that they could form the triad of destined loves.
  • To bring about an end to the famine and wars between the families of Cain and Abel, the first generation children of each of the representatives of each child of Adam and Eve were to sacrifice their lives, along with the community of the first generation of followers.
  • The one in what would be known as the great Crimson Cross temple reserve, where they were to first build the largest underground tree and plantation temple, which is how it happened.
  • For years they built the temples and the underground passages through the caves between the underground plantations.
  • The angels and demons, united and took their priests so that the vampires and werewolves could stay and stay in the underground temples between the underground caverns where they would be born from them when they were planted as a peace agreement.
  • The great orchard of blood, which would be formed by the vampires, in which they would make them suck their lives, living eternally, where the trees of blood fruits were born.
  • While the werewolves would give their lives for the golden apple orchards of eternal life to arise, in which they were like apples that would feed all vampires and give strength and vitality to werewolves.
  • Then came the great order of Um-Mu, who would be the administrators and guardian priests of the so-called temples of the Midnight Sun, where they would guard and administer the order and the priests who would search and train around the world, every descendant of the order and destined son, who would be the avatar every 200 years, amidst putting down roots in the city of Lovecraft County.