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Chapter 39

  • Sandal's POV:
  • "It's so clouded today, it will start raining at any moment." I said to myself looking at the dark clouds.
  • "No, it won't," Ahmed said without raising his head from the laptop.
  • "How can you be so sure?"
  • "It's hardly rain here."
  • Disappointed, I turn my face to look outside again. I really like rain, if it were Peshawar it would have started raining now. I haven't get used to living here, life is so boring. There is no housework and no one to talk with and no enjoyment. Zohma got busy in her life, Muskan was busy in her studies. I asked Ahmed to let me continue my studies but he didn't agree, nor gave me any reason. So, I have nothing to do now, Auntie has her own activities. Even she was free she doesn't talk much. She was different from her kids, all of them are talkative. I thought Ahmed wasn't at first but I turned out to be wrong. When he was in the mood, you can't make him quiet and things get very ... Different when we are alone. He never held himself from teasing me and giving embarrassing comments, but when he was in his working mood, he becomes probably the most boring human on the surface of the earth.
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