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Chapter 38

  • Ahmed's POV:
  • Experience is remoulding us every moment and our reaction to everything. It is resultant of our experience from the past till up to the day. Our experiences also overlapped by new and from this point, the change begins. That's what exactly happening to me.
  • I looked at my wife sleeping face and place a kiss on her forehead. Yesterday she was holding me in her arms, protecting me from my fears. Like she always does, at such moments I really wished to put my ego as a man on a side and cry out all my pain, but I can't... even knowing that she will never take advantage of my state. But... I want to be a protector, instead of being protected.
  • I moved aside to take a proper look if her face but once again she comes forward and snuggled into my chest.
  • She is really strange ...
  • I chuckled and squeezed her tight into my arms.
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