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Chapter 19

  • Ahmed's POV:
  • Stepping into my office I took off my tie and cuffs. Going into a suit on-site was a big mistake. Even after taking off my coat, it felt like I am going to melt in any second. I never liked summer, you have to be so careful about dressing specifically when you have outdoor work. I walked into the bathroom take off my shirt and washed my face. While constructing this building I especially designed this washroom with a wardrobe which I recently filled with some clothes.
  • Taking out a cream colour shirt I wore it and fold up its sleeves. Feeling much fresh I directly went to the kitchen to make coffee, walking back to the office I took a sip of it and made a sour face.
  • Sandal where are you, when I need your coffee...
  • I sighed looking at her office door and walked inside without thinking. My steps paused immediately when I found Sandal in her office. She was sitting on her seat with her head on the table.
  • What is she doing here at this hour???
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