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Chapter 17

  • Sandal's POV:
  • They were right ... Sir send Ali and Hamna at lunch and attend the meeting with me. But I don't understand why I was there when he was doing everything by himself. The things I do was taking short naps or count how many times Sir open and clenching his hands during presentations. He always does that during presentations.
  • After three shorts naps, the meeting finally ended. I ask for his permission to go home but he refused and right now I am with him, in his car, sitting uncomfortably beside him on the passenger seat, going to an unknown destination.
  • Its always like this, no matter how hard I tried, I don't feel comfortable when he is around ...
  • Normally I ignore if someone made me uncomfortable ... but I am not able to ignore him... I felt being read, whenever he is around. Like he is watching me without looking at me and if I lower my guard a little he will see through my soul...Somehow he made me feel conscious of him.
  • Spinning my thumb ring, I took a glance of him. He was looking at the windscreen and driving with one hand while the other hand was resting on the car window. Wearing a charcoal colour suit, he really looks like a real movie star.
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