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Chapter 12

  • Ahmed's POV:
  • Sitting in the backseat of my car, I was looking out the window before closing my eyes and leaning my head back.
  • What's with these days? Nothing is appealing and has a continuous agitating feeling inside. I tried to shove away this feeling but failed pathetically. So, I ran. Ran away from the foreign feelings I have been feeling lately. I took the first flight on Monday and came to Islamabad. I didn't expand my business to Islamabad but still bought my own house here.
  • Whenever my family or I visit here, we always stay at my house. I thought I could spend some time alone in peace but Allah has its own plans. He can create anything and can ruin anything. Like how he ruined my peaceful time alone by sending my friends on the next day. But still, I thank him for not sending all of them.
  • "Come on, man! Don't be like this. You're destroying our get together." I heard Salman's voice from the passenger's seat.
  • "It wasn't supposed to be a get together in the first place." I said without opening my eyes.
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