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Chapter 7

  • A few days passed by, things were somewhat normal and suffice to say, I was used to it. Nate and I were busy with our jobs during the weekdays and we only hung out during the weekends. We spent our time mostly exploring the tourist spots in the city.
  • It was one of those weekends again but Nate offered me to hang out with his friends instead. I wasn't interested so I shot him down and decided to go on my little adventure. I got dressed wearing a peach summer dress and let my hair loose. I applied minimal makeup and grabbed my sling bag, shoving my phone inside it. I locked the apartment behind me and started to walk down the streets and noticed a small cafe around the corner. I made my way towards it to have my breakfast.
  • "I'll have a Spanish omelet and a cup of coffee," I smiled at the waitress and took out my phone. I started to google some places that were nearby and was so lost in my phone that I didn't notice someone sitting in front of me until the person cleared his throat. I looked up from my phone to see a pair of gorgeous blue eyes staring back at me. I was startled for a second and rested my back against the seat, letting out a nervous laugh.
  • "Wow, didn't see you there, Xavier," I scratched my forehead, not meeting his eyes.
  • What was he doing here?
  • "I saw you sitting alone so I thought we could join you. I hope you don't mind," he gave me a friendly smile and I looked around for Hannah.
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