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Chapter 6

  • I walked inside the living room to find Nate and a guy who I think was his friend, playing video games. I tried to walk past them but Nate interrupted me just as I was about to cross the couch.
  • "Hey, why didn't you wait for me in the morning?" he asked, not peeling his eyes off the screen.
  • "Had some pending work at school," I lied effortlessly and he paused the game to look at me.
  • "You could have told me, Becs. I would have woken up early," he stated genuinely and I wanted to punch his face for acting all normal.
  • "It's okay. I didn't want to bother you," I gave him a small smile, tucking my hair behind my ears.
  • "Woah, dude. You didn't tell me your friend was hot," I heard his friend speak and looked at him for the first time since I entered. He was a fairly good-looking guy with shaggy blonde hair and hazel brown eyes that roamed all over my body and I mentally scoffed, walking away.
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