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Chapter 29

  • A year later,
  • “Okay, so what’s so special about this dinner?” I asked for the millionth time as I curled my hair in front of the mirror while he was fixing his tie
  • “Wha-- Who said it was special?” his eyes went wide and I pursued my lips into a thin line.
  • “You are wearing a suit and look at me, I look like I’m going to a freaking prom.” I gestured towards my satin red dress that reached till my knees and he gave me a throaty laugh, snaking his arms around my waist while I continued to work on my hair.
  • “I wish I was your prom date. I would have let you take my ‘oh so precious virginity’,” he replied, making me laugh out loud.
  • “You lost your virginity at prom?”
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