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Chapter 28

  • "Why didn't you call me?" Nate yelled and stood up from his chair with such force, enough to draw attention in that small coffee shop. I called him earlier today to catch up with him as it has been a long time.
  • "Shhh! Shut up and sit down," I hissed. I just told him about the whole baby thing and that's the reason for his behavior. He looked so damn angry.
  • "I know you guys are in a good place now but none of this would have happened if he hadn't stormed out that day, Becca," he muttered in annoyance and I rolled my eyes.
  • "Not this again, Nate. We both went through hell because of this but I'm not going to blame him or you or anyone. It just happened and it's over so just leave it," I mumbled silently, not meeting his gaze and neither of us spoke for a while.
  • "I'm so sorry, Becs." He whispered in a soft voice and looked at me with so much concern. I gave him a small smile and tucked my hair behind my ears. The coffee had gone cold and I looked outside the window, watching the world pass by.
  • "I can't believe you moved in with him so soon," he spoke, interrupting my thoughts.
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