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Chapter 24

  • I couldn't understand what just happened and stood there like an idiot, trying to process everything. There was a call on my mom's phone but he left saying he had to pick up Hannah. It made no fucking sense.
  • Did he just lie to my face?
  • I picked up my mom's phone from the table and checked the call logs. There was a call from an unknown number. I tried to call that number again but it went straight to voicemail.
  • Fucking great!
  • I went back to my room, feeling super confused and mad. Why did he leave me just like that? I mean, a few minutes back, we were kissing and now he was just gone. I wasn't even sure if he was mad at me when he stormed out of the door. I picked up my phone and typed a text.
  • 'Is everything alright? Are you mad at me?'
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