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Chapter 23

  • One and a half months later,
  • "Ugh, I'm so bored." I groaned in frustration and looked up at the clock. It was 5 pm and Xavier should be here any minute now.
  • I kept flipping through the channels, feeling bored out of my mind. This has been the same routine for the past one and a half months. I wake up, eat, watch shitty shows, or read some books and stay in bed all day. I missed my job. Xavier was the only thing that was making me feel sane and happy. He used to come and visit me every evening with Hannah and that was the best part of my day. My mom was trying so hard to take care of me and work at the same time. I know it was exhausting for her but she never gave up.
  • "Hey, I'm just heading out." My mom called out from the living room, breaking my chain of thoughts.
  • "Where?" I shouted back, in confusion. I mean, where could she possibly go. She was new to town and she doesn't know anybody.
  • "Well, umm.." she came inside my room and sat on my bed. She was hesitating and I noticed her cheeks go red.
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