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Chapter 19

  • Xavier's POV:
  • Hours passed by and it was almost noon. I was waiting impatiently for the doctors to come out and give us some good news. Rebecca's mom was standing near the ICU door, crying silently while Nate went to get us all some coffee even though I said I didn't want anything. Food was the last thing on my mind. I leaned against the pillar outside the ICU and closed my eyes, saying a silent prayer to my brother.
  • "I think you should go home and get changed out of these clothes, dear." I heard my mom's voice and opened my eyes.
  • "I'm not going anywhere until she wakes up," I replied sternly and she sighed, giving up.
  • "Okay, let's sit down." She pulled me towards the chair and held my hands in a comforting manner.
  • "Mom, I'm scared."
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