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Chapter 15

  • I sat up with a jerk and looked at him with wide eyes. What the hell did he mean by he wasn't Hannah's father? My mind was racing with a million thoughts and he sat up, looking at me with his intense gaze.
  • "Uhhh...Nobody knows about this except me and my parents. I thought you should know because I trust you," he started and I remained silent, bracing myself for what he was about to say, "I'm not a single child, Rebecca. I had an older brother and he was married to this amazing girl, Grace. Hannah is their daughter," he stated in a sad tone.
  • Had a brother? Oh god, no. Let it not be what I think it might be.
  • "Four years back, they were out on a date and while returning home," he swallowed hard and I held his hand. I felt my eyelids brim with tears, seeing how hard it was for him to tell, "It was raining and their just slid off the road. That night when we received the call from the police, it was the worst day of our lives. They said that they couldn't save them," A lone tear, fell off his cheek and I wipe it, grazing my fingers against his face. I started to sob and bit my lip to control myself.
  • Dammit, I needed to be strong for him right now.
  • "Hannah was nine months old at that time and my heart broke when I realized that she lost both her parents. My pain felt like it was nothing when I saw that innocent child who had no idea about what had just happened," he sniffled and I covered my mouth to hold back my sobs, thinking about that sweet angel. No one should have to lose their parents and losing my own dad, I knew how it felt," My mom and dad, took care of her till she was three years old. And then, one day, I didn't care about anything. I realized that I loved that kid to bits so I decided to adopt her legally and that...that was the best decision of my life, " he spoke softly, rubbing circles on my hand.
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