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Chapter 14

  • I was waiting for Xavier, all dressed up for our date in a red dress that stopped mid-thigh. I took extra effort to look good for him and blushed thinking about his reaction when he sees me. Things were going so well between us and he was just so damn sweet. Over the past one month, I realized that I liked him too and decided to tell him that I was ready to take the leap because I knew it was killing him to keep it casual, and honestly, it was killing me too. I wanted to be in a relationship with him and as far as I knew Xavier, he seemed to be an amazing guy.
  • The loud ringing of my phone broke my thoughts and I picked it up. It was Nate. Lately, he has been trying to hang out with me a lot which was strange. He was never like this when we were living together.
  • "Hey, Nate," I answered the phone.
  • "Hey, Becs. I was wondering if you wanted to come over and watch a movie,"
  • "Uhhh... actually I'm going out with Xavier,"
  • "Are you still going out with him?" he asked in an irritable tone which pissed me off.
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