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Chapter 11

  • I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I entered my apartment the next day. I honestly couldn't remember being this happy and it felt so unusual yet satisfying.
  • "Where the fuck have you been?" Nate roared from the living room with his phone in hand and I frowned at his tone.
  • "I thought I made it clear when I said I was going on a date,"
  • "You should have been back instead of staying the night like a whore," he snapped, making me gasp. I walked closer towards him in shock, hurt evident on my face, "Crap, I didn't mean it---" his words were cut off as my palm connected with his cheek.
  • "Go to hell, asshole." I stomped off to my room, feeling like shit. My mood was completely ruined by him. How could he even say such a thing? I tried to control myself from breaking into tears and lay on my bed when I heard the loud ringing of my phone. I pulled it out from my purse to see my mom's name.
  • "Hey Mom," I cleared my throat and answered, trying to sound cheerful.
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