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Chapter 98 Amber's Outburst

  • Unlike Henry, Timothy appeared to behave more like a mature man. "Well, there is nothing to be nervous about, actually. If we can close the deal successfully, we're going to build our own company when we secure our capital. So, think about it. You're going to be a big shot too, someday. It's just that you're taking your first step to getting there."
  • Upon hearing that, Henry was amused by Timothy's reply. "That's some encouraging words. What a strong and positive mindset you have there!"
  • While Timothy chuckled in response, the two students continued to chat happily and walked toward the gate, where they were greeted by two unexpected figures that made the smile on Timothy's face disappear.
  • Sophia shouted, "Grandma, Timothy is right there!"
  • Amber looked in the direction Sophia told her to and saw Timothy. In that instant, she felt an overwhelming rage surging through as she approached the two young men intimidatingly and bellowed at them.
  • "Finally, you b*stard! Here you are!"
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