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Chapter 97 Expect the Unexpected

  • Noticing her grandmother's frustration, Sophia quickly served Amber a cup of tea and instilled hatred in her. "Calm down, Grandma. Tessa had it all planned when she sent Dad to jail, so it's pretty obvious that she doesn't want to save him, but I… I just feel sorry for the fact his daughter is so heartless and wicked. Thus, you must teach Tessa a lesson!"
  • When Amber heard what Sophia said, she grew even angrier. "Of course, I'm going to lecture her! That lady has to be humbled and taught a lesson the hard way! When I find her, I'll be sure to rough her up!"
  • Sophia was happy at the sight of the old lady's reaction but was aware that Nicholas could have Tessa's back. Thus, she suggested an approach to Amber.
  • "But we can't find Tessa as long as she doesn't show up, Grandma. So, why don't we go to the school and find Timothy instead?" A sinister look flashed across her eyes. "That guy is probably studying right now, so he can't be going anywhere else. If we have him with us, Tessa will surely have no choice but to come and meet us."
  • Upon hearing that, Amber stood up and urged Sophia to come with her. "What're we waiting for, then? Let's go! We're going to get that bast*rd from the school now!"
  • Sophia shook her head rapidly and immediately left home with Amber. Soon, they both arrived at Southend University, whereupon Sophia took her grandmother straight into the institute to look for Timothy.
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