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Chapter 94 Work From Home

  • Nicholas reacted with a calm expression on his face when he heard Ashton's comment. "Greg is worried about her, so you'd still be needed here anyway." He steered the conversation in his way by mentioning Gregory.
  • Nonetheless, Gregory didn't seem to find anything wrong with that as he asked in a serious manner, "Mr. Sloan, how is Miss Pretty Lady now? Is her fever serious? When will she recover?"
  • Noticing how concerned the boy was about someone else for the first time, Ashton was somehow touched by his heart-warming response. He then patiently answered Gregory's question, meeting the latter's gaze firmly. "She'll be fine, Greg. Soon, she'll be up and around again, as all she needs is some medication and sufficient rest."
  • However, Gregory seemed a little disheartened as he looked away and shifted his gaze to Nicholas. "Miss Pretty Lady is sick, and I'm sure it feels torturous for her. So, please leave me here!" The boy sympathetically implored his father to grant his wish, his watery eyes filled with sympathy.
  • While Nicholas didn't go against Gregory's wish, he nodded and stepped out of the room with Ashton. When the two men got to the corridor, Ashton finally brought up his confusion. "Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! So, that's your secret girlfriend whom you've been hiding in your house all this while. You're full of surprises, Nicholas!"
  • Nicholas reacted normally without giving any further explanation as he calmly replied, "Greg likes his teacher, whom he trusts without question, much to my surprise as well. So, I decided to let her stay with us."
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