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Chapter 89 Taking a Dip

  • Nicholas lowered his thoughtful gaze, looking at Gregory's expectant expression, then Tessa. He nodded and said, "We do have a lot of empty rooms, and it won't affect much if you stay for the night. You can accompany Greg while you're at it, too. Sometimes I get busy and overlook his needs, so maybe you can stay and chat with him."
  • Tessa hesitated for a while, turning her gaze toward Gregory. The boy's watery eyes were filled with expectation, and one could hardly bear to refuse him.
  • She could only sigh helplessly. "All right, then. Thank you very much, President Sawyer."
  • Instantly, Gregory was overjoyed by her reply.
  • Later in the day, the three gathered for dinner. Perhaps because of Tessa's presence, Gregory had an exceptionally good appetite.
  • He shouldn't overeat, regardless. The doctor had told them to take care of his digestive system. Nicholas saw the joy in Gregory's face, and the coldness in his eyes eased off considerably.
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