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Chapter 81 You Tried to Poison Greg

  • In the end, the person who had harmed Gregory turned out to be Stefania's most trusted best friend—Yana!
  • When Stefania thought of this, her heart surged with rage. Last night, when she returned to her residence, she was full of anger and suspicion. She couldn't believe that Yana would actually do something to hurt Gregory.
  • However, the evidence provided by Nicholas was still with her, which was so strong that she had to believe it. Thus, after arriving home, Stefania went to find Yana first, but she happened to meet the latter, rummaging through her room's contents and looking for something.
  • Stefania's face immediately sank, but on the surface, she still asked, without giving her emotions away, "Yana, what have you lost? Do you want me to help you find it together?"
  • Startled by the unexpected questions, Yana turned around to see Stefania there, so she hastily said, "Oh, there's no need. It's just a cosmetic ring. It should have rolled under the bed, so I'll get it out later."
  • "Is that so?" The disappointment in Stefania's heart intensified, after which she said, "In that case, then let the maids come and help you find it. You are not well. What if you accidentally faint? By the way, you keep saying you have a headache. Have you taken your medicine?"
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