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Chapter 77 Please Arrest Them

  • Even though Tessa didn't understand Timothy, she still said, "I'm fine. They didn't do anything to me."
  • Timothy was relieved to hear that, and then he realized that he had fallen for Lauren's schemes! What a scheming fox Lauren is; I almost fell for it! Fortunately, Tessa arrived in time.
  • Feeling reassured, Timothy slightly smiled and tried to comfort his sister. "Tessa, I'm fine. Do not worry."
  • When Tessa heard this, her heart felt like breaking. How can I not worry? She gently asked Henry, "You should be Timothy's classmate, right? Help me watch over Timothy, okay?"
  • "Mm." Henry nodded at once.
  • Thereafter, Tessa stood up, brimming with anger. Her eyes were scarlet with rage as coldness emanated from her. "Who pushed him?" she demanded in all seriousness.
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