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Chapter 72 Cut All Ties

  • After yelling, he rushed forward in anger, as if he wanted to fight with his life. However, the bodyguard instantly came forward and fiercely pushed Timothy to the ground. Suppressed by him, Timothy frantically yelled, "Let go of me! Let go!"
  • As if looking at a clown, Lauren sneered, "How we act depends on what your decision is. Tonight, we came here on purpose to inform you that by 8:00AM tomorrow morning, we must have the answer; otherwise, you will never get your sister back!"
  • Timothy was so furious that his wrath skyrocketed and he was almost hysterical with rage. Suddenly, he glared at Silas and bellowed, "Silas, is this your intention?"
  • Silas opened his mouth, but he didn't deny it. Thus, Timothy let out a bone-chilling sneer. "Good, you're really a good father! You're giving your daughter up for fame and threatening your own son!"
  • Being spoken to like that made him inevitably feel a little uncomfortable, but for the sake of his individual interest, he remained silent.
  • Timothy's eyes flashed with a strong hatred; he hated this father of his who gave him life but never took responsibility. In Timothy's eyes, such a person who gave birth to children but did not care to raise them and even used them as bargaining chips was simply worse than an animal! I hate him! I hate him to the bone!
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