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Chapter 70 Stay Over at My Place Tonight

  • Exasperation seized Tessa. Anytime now, Nicholas! You like butting in so much, so why don't you say something now and articulate your thoughts on this?
  • Seeing as he wouldn't come to her help, she had no choice but to make up an excuse. She looked at Gregory and apologized, "I'm sorry, Sweetheart, but I still have a ton of things to do back home, not to mention work's been piling up over at the orchestra. I won't be able to give you violin lessons anymore, but if you're still keen, there are plenty of other teachers out there who can do a much better job than me."
  • However, she had only just said this when his little head drooped low in disappointment, and with tears streaming down his little face, he mumbled sadly, "I don't want anyone else to teach me, though; I want you..."
  • It was heartbreaking to hear how hurt he sounded.
  • At that moment, even Edward couldn't bear to see the child cry and he hurriedly interjected, "Miss Reinhart, I have to inform you that Young Master Gregory refused to eat a single morsel of food today, and when he finally ate a few mouthfuls, he threw up thereafter. He can't even function without seeing you." He paused and eyed Tessa imploringly. "I'm asking that you continue teaching him the violin out of your own kindness, Miss Reinhart. He's always kept his distance from strangers until he met you, and I've never seen him being so insistent before. Can't you compromise for his sake? What else can he do to change your mind?"
  • Tessa was shocked by this revelation. She could hardly believe that Gregory would go on a hunger strike because of her, and the thought of this caused her heart to twist. She was touched, and at the same time, heartbroken.
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