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Chapter 59 The Punishment They Deserve

  • Henry secretly agreed with what Silas had said. An opportunity like this was scarce these days, and if they didn't take Reinhart Group up on their offer, someone else would.
  • Admittedly, Henry was starting to sway, but when he thought about how insistent Timothy had been about the twenty million, he shook his head at last and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Reinhart, but I'm afraid I can't be the only one calling the shots."
  • Silas gritted his teeth, his eyes narrowing slightly. He finally realized that this negotiation was going nowhere, for the person who called the shots was not Henry, but the co-creator of the software.
  • As such, he seized the chance to say with a tight smile, "In that case, get your buddy to come over. I'll be right here waiting, and I'll talk to him about the offer. If price remains the only problem, I'm sure upping it by a fraction won't do any harm. Although to be realistic, twenty million would be too steep!"
  • Upon hearing this, Henry nodded slowly. "Very well, then. Just give me a moment while I give him a call." He rose from his seat after this and walked to a quiet corner, then called Timothy so he could relay what Silas had said.
  • On the other line, Timothy let out an amused bark of laughter after he heard the full story and sneered, "Not realistic, eh? Then, there's nothing for us to talk about! I don't have the time to meet him anyway; I have to see the teacher about the college sponsorship, so just ask him to leave without a deal."
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