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Chapter 57 Twenty Million

  • Nicholas was already exhausted as it was. When he saw how flustered and worried Stefania was over Gregory's obvious depressive state, he couldn't be bothered to explain as he muttered, "He's just throwing a fit. You know how kids are. Just let him work through it himself in his own space, Mom. Why don't you go home and get some rest? You can drop by some other day."
  • She nodded in silent agreement, but added fretfully, "It's only normal that he's feeling down after leaving the hospital. Try to cheer him up as much as you can, Nicholas, and if you give him a hard time, trust me when I say I'll give you an even harder one!"
  • "Got it," he replied grimly with a nod.
  • A satisfied Stefania then began to head for the door, but abruptly turned to give the butler a pointed look as she ordered, "Andrew, make sure you keep an eye on Greg for the rest of the afternoon and call me if anything happens." With that, she spun on her heels and left for the company.
  • ...
  • Over at Pinnacle Residence, Tessa had washed up as soon as she returned home from the hospital, and after having a change of clothes, she got ready to leave for orchestra rehearsal.
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