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Chapter 50 Escaping Isn't the Solution to Your Problems

  • At this moment, Gregory was sitting on his bed with crossed legs. He was playing with a Rubik's Cube as his pale fingers actively moved it around. From the looks of it, he seemed like he was fine.
  • Meanwhile, Kieran was sitting next to Gregory's bed and accompanying him as the sound of their laughter occasionally rang out. It seemed that the pair of uncle and nephew were close to each other.
  • Nonetheless, Nicholas was nowhere to be seen.
  • After making sure that Gregory was alright, Tessa finally sighed in relief before the corners of her lips curled upward and she mumbled, "Thank God you're alright."
  • Then, she turned and wanted to leave.
  • However, she banged into a firm chest the moment she turned and the sudden strong scent of male pheromone caused her to jump in shock.
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