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Chapter 38 Food Poisoning

  • As for Yana, her expression was also terrible. Seeing that the atmosphere was awkward, Stefania quickly comforted Roselle warmly, "Roselle, don't take offense. Greg is unfamiliar with you at the moment. It will be much better when he becomes more acquainted with you in the future."
  • When Roselle heard these words, she pretended to give a benevolent smile. "I understand; it doesn't matter."
  • Yet, her heart was already boiling with rage. This little b*stard without a mother, you will suffer sooner or later!
  • At this moment, Gregory's face suddenly contorted with agony. As his small features distorted, he covered his stomach with his hands in an attempt to resist the pain. He initially remained silent, but the pain gradually spread and became worse!
  • He couldn't bear it any longer, so he suddenly screamed, "Ahhh!"
  • Upon seeing his chubby face completely pale, Stefania was so frightened that she froze on the spot. A moment later, she quickly asked with concern, "What's the matter, Greg? What's wrong? Tell me!"
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