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Chapter 36 What Is So Good About This Woman?

  • Nicholas was the calmest since he had already known of Gregory's musical talent and the boy's ability to learn a piece of music in a short period of time. So, it didn't come as something completely unexpected to him.
  • However, he was pleased to know that Tessa had taught Gregory with all her heart and soul!
  • Nevertheless, Yana didn't share the same sentiments and didn't know how to appreciate the violin, so she felt that it was all the same to her.
  • Stepping forward, Roselle agreed and softly congratulated, "It's really good, Gregory. You are really amazing!"
  • "Thank you," Gregory responded indifferently, but he didn't look exceptionally happy; he still acted distant and polite. Although when he turned to look at Tessa, he had a different expression as if he wanted to be praised by her. "Miss Pretty Lady, how did I do? Did I do well?"
  • A smiling Tessa approached and patiently taught, "You did a great job, Sweetheart, but there is one part that was wrong. In the treble rhythm, it should have been half a beat faster."
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