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Chapter 33 Not Enough

  • As soon as Timothy heard the name, he felt sick in the pit of his stomach. He would never forget how callously the ruthless man had abandoned him and his sister without caring about their survival. Timothy would also never forget that his sister disappeared for an entire year in order to raise funds for his medical expenses. In that year, he had no loved ones close to him, and along with his leg injury, he almost lost his will to live!
  • At that time, he even gritted his teeth and went to the Reinhart Residence to desperately ask for help. All he wanted was to ask them to help him find his sister!
  • Sadly, in the end, they had cursed him and even brutally drove him out. Fortunately, his sister returned a year later, but that didn't erase the hatred toward his father in his heart at all. He deeply hated that vicious family along with Reinhart Group.
  • "I won't sell!" he blurted out with a cold gaze.
  • Henry was stunned. "You won't sell? Are you for real, Timothy? T-This is two million! We will never see so much money in our lives as ordinary people!"
  • Timothy took a deep breath, barely suppressing the surging hatred in his heart. Half of the credit of this software's development had belonged to Henry, so he knew he couldn't refuse the offer so decisively. Thus, he calmed down and replied, "I'm serious! Henry, this is the product from half a year of research by us. They want to buy our technical expertise for only 2 million? Do you think we are worth so little? Reinhart Group is looking down on us! I'm thinking of 20 million."
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