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Chapter 31 I Don't Want to Be Separated From Her

  • To everyone's surprise, Nicholas had an icy gaze as he responded in a cold voice, "Miss Reinhart is only there for work, so it has nothing to do with her marital status. What's wrong with it?"
  • Yana was speechless the moment she heard those words whereas Roselle clenched her fists, feeling jealousy coursing through her veins.
  • However, he ignored everyone's comments and his strong figure abruptly turned around with a powerful aura to leave with Gregory and Tessa.
  • ...
  • On the way back, Tessa looked at the dark scenery outside the window and said, "Um... Please send me to Pinnacle Community."
  • When Gregory heard that, he anxiously asked, "Miss Pretty Lady, are you going back? Aren't you staying in Dynasty Gardens?"
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